Why LifeSmiles?

Dr. Jeffrey A. Rajaski, Dr. Amaris Little, Dr. Neil Lamb


Your Smile Isn’t Ordinary
…So Why Should Your Dentists’ Office Be?

Your smile care needs deserve an exceptional dental office. One like LifeSmiles, with a professional care team who provides leading-edge care and more comforts than you ever thought possible in a dentist’s office.

Dr. Neil W. Lamb believes in doing everything you expect from dentists with outstanding credentials and experience. This philosophy is why he offers the latest treatments, use state-of-the-art equipment, and complete double the required number of hours of continuing education every year.

But LifeSmiles’ care team wants to do more than meet your expectations…they want to exceed them. So they provide the comprehensive dentistry you need to make you look and feel better, plus a host of luxurious amenities that keep you comfortable throughout your treatment. All in the privacy of a comfortable office with a staff who treats you like family.

All this adds up to equal extraordinary dental care that helps you look and feel better.