Laser Dentistry

Dr. Jeffrey A. Rajaski, Dr. Amaris Little, Dr. Neil Lamb

Laser Dentistry Comes To Lifesmiles . . .

because we care about you

Dr. Lamb, a member of the Academy for Laser Dentistry, is proud to bring to Lifesmiles® a technological breakthrough in dentistry; the Waterlase® Dental Laser.

What is Waterlase® Technology?
Waterlase® uses Laser energized water, or the Hydrokinetics™ process, which gently washes away decay with laser energized water droplets. This Waterlase® energy removes a wide range of human tissure, including tooth enamel (the hardest substance in the body) and soft tissue (gum tissue) with no heat or discomfort in most cases, reducing the need for needles and anesthesia.

What are the benefits of Waterlase® Technology?

  • Many dental procedures can be performed without anesthesia
  • The laser’s pinpoint accuracy allows Dr. Lamb to leave in place as much healthy tooth structure as possible
  • Gently performs numerous soft tissue (gums) procedures with little or no bleeding
  • Prepares teeth in a way that maximizes the bonding of tooth colored fillings
Cavity preparation with NO smear layerwhich increases bond strength and provides for longer lasting fillings
Beautiful gingival
recontouring without scalpel

Waterlase® – A Safe Treatment
In the hands of Dr. Lamb, the Waterlase® is a safe medical device. The laser provides extreme accuracy reducing the chance of damage to healthy tissue. The primary safety measure necessary durign laser treatment is proper protective eye glasses.

Waterlase® – A Breakthrough In Dental Technology – Now Available At Lifesmiles®!