NEW!! Oral Cancer Screening

Dr. Jeffrey A. Rajaski, Dr. Amaris Little, Dr. Neil Lamb

 New and Improved Method of Oral Cancer Screening
comes to LifeSmiles.

Oral cancer strikes 30,000 Americans every year. Now there is a new way to screen for this deadly disease.In the past, dentists have relied on visual oral examinations alone to identify oral cancers. Now, there is ViziLite®

What is ViziLite®?

ViziLite® is a new screening tool approved by the Food and Drug Administration that allows oral cancer to be detected much earlier than the standard oral examination. In fact, by using Vizilite® technology, there is a 90% cure rate of oral cancer over the 60% cure rate using the oral examination method. Oral cancer using ViziLite® is found much earlier that allows for the incredible cure rate.

How does ViziLite® work?

The procedure is a painless two-minute visual exam. After you swish with a cleansing solution, your health care provider performs a visual exam of your mouth using the ViziLite® light stick. The light makes detecting these potentially harmful areas easier and at a much earlier stage than ever before. This screening technique is now recognized as the standard for care.

ViziLite® – A Safe and Effective Cancer Screening System

Because of the effectiveness of ViziLite® screening technology, we at LifeSmiles have made this a standard practice for oral cancer screening.

Our main concern is for you, our patients. Please ask for your oral cancer screening on your next visit to LifeSmiles.