Convenient & Affordable

Dr. Jeffrey A. Rajaski, Dr. Amaris Little, Dr. Neil Lamb

Convenient & Affordable

A busy schedule shouldn’t prevent you from getting the dental care you need. We offer early morning and lunchtime hours to fit your schedule, and we make sure you won’t be kept waiting for your appointment.

We are also pleased to introduce a new method of financing for healthcare in our office. We would like to explain briefly what this is, how it works, and what benefit it has for you.

We work with several companies that off convenient financing for dental care. A person or a family applies for the program in our office. It is very easy to apply and the acceptance rate is very high. The patient then can finance any dental treatment. You may spread your payments over a very long period of time and keep the monthly payments quite small. If you choose to pay the balance off early, there is no penalty. This is a revolutionary addition to the healthcare field and is sweeping the country.

In our office, we have found that our patients that are using this program are reapingmany benefits, such as:

  • Convenient and regular monthly payments – easily budgeted
  • Long term financing
  • No large payments due at one time
  • Necessary treatment does not have to be put off for financial reasons
  • Continuous care appointments for the family can become more regular – thus ensuring proper dental care for all members of the family
  • Emergency treatment does not have to be ignored as “financially fearful”

If you have any questions at all, or if we can help you with your financing questions, please contact us via email or call our office at 301-662-6303.

We also welcome all major credit cards, and we even offer a senior-citizen discount. Call today for the exceptional care you deserve.